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 Picture is from Dog Mt. looking west down the gorge.

 Groundhog Hustle Participants  Winners!
Thanks to Scotty Mac, and Kelly Johnson for contributing photo's.

CGRC member Arvol Zschomler was inducted into the Stevenson High School "Hall of Fame". He lettered in almost every sport while attending there. Congratulations Arvol! CGRC member, Kelly Brashers, who is attending WSU was recognized at the men's basketball game against Oregon for her Academic accomplishments (4.0), as well as her athletic ones. She is currently a member of their Crew Team. Great job Kelly!

  Some CGRC members participated in The Dalles Valentine River Run 2/14/09. Good job to Stan, Esther, Claudia Holman, Scott McMullen, Bryan Mears, and daughter Aurora,  and Gerald Allison Jr.
 Great outfit Bryan, with daughter Aurora.  Stan proudly wears his new CGRC shirt.

Good job to Michele Adams, Anna Bates, and Bob Lynes @ the Hagg Lake 50K Not So Muddy , Mudfest 2/21/09.

Good job to Joe Dudman, Stan Holman, and Esther Holman@ the Red Lizard 5 Miler in Lake Oswego, on 3/1/09.
Joe/11th/27:55                      Stan/14th/29:45                    Esther/130th/45:45 

   March 21st, The Pac Rim 24 Hour Run at Lake Sacajawea in Longview, WA. Two CGRC Members took part. Esther Holman ran a personal record by 19 miles, by covering 50 Miles in just over 10.5 hours. Bob Lynes managed to complete an astounding 71 miles.

April 19th the "Mt. Si 57 mile Relay , and 50K/50 Mile Solo" Runs happened. CGRC Members Stan Holman, & Brian Kennedy were on a team that took 4th overall, and won the Masters division. Esther Holman ran the 50K solo event in a time of 5:59.

Fine job to all participants at the Spring Run 5K/10K. And a special thanks to Skamania Lodge for all there support.
Great Job Organizing, Roger!

Stan & Esther Holman ran the 29th annual Sunflower Iron Run in Twisp, Wa. (5/2/09) Stan won the 21.7 mile trail race in 2:35:28, while Esther finished 111th in 4:24:07.

Lucas Lembrick ran the Eugene Marathon in a time of 4:12:28

Thursday the 26th at 6 PM, some friends gathered at the Dog Mt. trailhead, to embark on 24 hours of 7 mile loops, and to see how many they could do! Quite a few club members showed up to do their first summit (2948'), or to do multiple ones. At 6 PM Friday, some reflected on what had just taken place. The results were staggering, just as can be imagined. Anna Bates, and Bob Lynes both completed 8 loops (thats 56 miles, and about 23,000' of elevation gain), Stan Holman completed, Steve Peterson did 4 loops, John Robinson, Esther Holman, And Eb Engleman did 3 loops, Bruce Yeadon did 2 loops, and Ben Shumaker, Allan Dushan, Kevin Gosselin, Scott McMullen, and his friend Erin Haines all did 1 loop, and I believe it was their first time. Chad & Sophie Miller get credit for a partial.

Another Carson to Stevenson Ridge Run is in the books. Congratulations to all the participants, volunteers, and everyone that helped make this years event the best yet.
                                 Men's winner Rian Beach

      Women's winner Madeleine Sellers

Bob Lynes, Anna Bates, Stan Holman, and friends spent 4 days in the Grand Canyon, running, and hiking. Here are just a few of the photo's of this amazing place. On 4/31/09 they completed a 45 - 50 mile Rim to Rim to Rim crossing. On 4/18/09 Allan Dushan, and friends completed a similar route.

Thanks go out to Scott Jurek, for sharing some of his vast knowledge on fueling our bodies during endurance activities. This was a special treat, that 41 of us left with. Thanks also go out to Shortt Supply, Brooks, and others for making this happen.

Information taken from Scott Jurek Presentation:  Click to the left.

Scott Jurek Bio:

* Won the Spartathlon 152 mile (245 km) race from Athens to Sparta, Greece three consecutive times (2006-07-08).
* Won the Western States 100 mile Endurance Run seven consecutive years (1999-2005), and holds the record time (15:36:27 in 2004 on a     modified course).
* Won Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run and held the record time for one year until Kyle Skaggs set a new record in 2008.
* Won the Badwater 135 Mile Ultramarathon twice (2005, 2006) and held the course record for two years with a time of 24:36:08.
* Finished first three times (2002 - 2004) and second three times in the Miwok 100K.
* Won the Leon Divide 50 Mile Run four times (2000, 2001, 2002, 2004).
* Won the Diez Vista 50K Trail Run twice (2000, 2003).
* Won the Montrail Ultra Cup series twice (2002, 2003).

Two CGRC members ran the Edge to Edge Marathon on 6/14/09. Roger Lembrick ran 5:53:53 good for 107th place, and James Joseph, ran 6:32:11 in his very first Marathon good for 121st. Great job to the both of you.

The White Salmon Trail Run 1/2 Marathon was a huge success!

There was a little contest to see who could name the runner in the below picture wearing the LSU singlet. The correct answer is Ben Shumaker.

Here are CGRC members John Robinson, and Stan Holman during the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. Stan finished 44th in 22 hours, 51 min. 56 sec. While John finished 206th in 29 hours 29 min. and 56 sec. due to kidney complications.

On Sat. July 18th was the fort Dalles Day 3K/5K/10K. Some CGRC Members took part.

click here for results:

Saturday, Aug. 2nd was the LUNA All Womens Triathlon @ Blue Lake, Fairview, OR.
CGRC members, Kelly Brashers, and Jan Frasier took part in this  1/2 Mile Swim,12 Mile Bike ride, 5K Run. Kelly finished 75th overall, and 5th in her age group with a time of 1:30:22. Jan took 371st overall, and 9th in her age group with a time of 2:18:50. Great job to the both of you.

Saturday Aug. 2nd was the Trout Lake Fair 5K/10K.

CGRC members Stephanie Irving, Randall Jones, Alex King, Lucas King, Scotty Mac, Bryan Mears, Chad Miller, Nathan Sellers, and Madeleine Sellers all took part. Click here for results.


Saturday Aug. 2nd, 3 CGRC members, and 2 friends ran, and hiked about 64 miles from Timberline Lodge to Multnomah Fall Lodge.
This is the route we took.

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