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Wednesday Night Workouts
Wednesday Night Workouts are back!
Wednesday night workouts are organized by the CGRC and are held at the Stevenson High School track starting February 12, 2014. The workouts are open to all runners and walkers and you do not need to be a club member to participate. All abilities are welcome! We have fast runners, slow runners, fast walkers, slow walkers, old, young, etc. Anyone can fit into one of those categories!
Current Workouts:
Starting February 12 2014, we will be working out at the Stevenson High School. The track is located next to the athletics fields below the school. Workouts begin at 6pm and end when done. Suggested arrival time is 5:45pm for warm-up. You won’t find a better location to keep in shape this winter. These workouts are held in all conditions - rain, snow, sleet, etc. Training options include steady running/walking at your own pace around the track (outside lanes please) and track repeat sessions. Repeat sessions are geared for variety to make it fun and work up to approximately 4 miles of speed. Each workout is unique. You can also choose to do your own workout.
Warm-Up & Cool Down
All runners/walkers should warm-up before working out. 10-15 minutes of easy jogging or walking. Repeat runners include 100 meter strides. Don’t forget a light stretch after warm-up and cool down for 10-20 minutes. Always rehydrate afterwards.
Bring your own fluids to the workout. Water source is turned off during most of the winter months. Repeat sessions are designed for runners and walkers of all levels. Your individual experience dictates how much you should do. Be sure to take a rest day or a very easy run day after any speed workouts. All participants should be medically able and properly trained before participating in any physical exercise.
Repeat Recovery:
To keep the workouts simple, recoveries will generally be one half the distance of the stated repeat. For example, if the repeat is 800m, recovery will be 400m. Recoveries between sets (indicated by ( ), will be 400m regardless of last repeat. No recoveries less than 200 meters.
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